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Genette N Dibsdall M.A.



Sustainable Fashion and Textiles Projects by Genette Dibsdall M.A. 

Anthropocene // Research – Practice – Communication.
A conceptual project conceived as a critique of our current epoch; which marks the dominant influence of humans impact on our planet. With the purpose to create a provocation and to encourage change by producing luxury products from waste. The Maverick is a transformable luxury garment, remade using local discarded tents. The name comes from the original waste site, namely the Maverick Field campsite at Boardmasters 2018. The Maverick is a multiuse garment which transforms into: a Cape, a Napsack and a Tree Tent. This functional and sculptural approach throws out the rulebook on traditional fashion practices; highlighting the value of waste resources and how we can use what we have.// 

The Water Jacket // Research – Practice – Communication. 
A provocation in sustainable fashion design, created as an information, experience design piece using critical design as an attitude and position to stimulate debate & encourage change. The garment has been repurposed from a vintage lifejacket, a fisherman’s smock and a sail. An uncomfortable and heavy garment weighing equivalent to 3 days of drinking water, influenced from the data, “it takes 2,720 litres of water to make a t-shirt that’s how much we normally drink over a 3-year period" (Fashion Revolution 2015: 12). 

The Roaming Blanket // Research – Practice – Communication. 
A Waterproof Blanket, remade from eight outerwear pieces, with natural Cornish alpaca fleece insulation using Autoethnographic research and creating a talisman.

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Research, Concept, Designer, Maker, Art Director & Photographer by Genette Dibsdall M.A. @gnd______
Photography @maxjstyles
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Model @charlottelilianrosemodel
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